When a band like Chiodos -- who inspire intense, disciple-like fan loyalty -- make a seemingly abrupt change, like replacing singer Craig Owens with Brandon Bolmer, there's bound to be some keyboard ninjas who engage in a whole lot of s--- talking about the scenario. It can be boiled down to its most basic Darwinian ingredient: people fear change. But such nonsense is like a fly Chiodos can't waste time swatting.

"We've obviously gotten a handful of hate message -- and not just from people who had attached themselves to our old frontman," keyboardist Bradley Bell told Noisecreep. "It was expected, so I was mentally prepared for it. I just really hope that people can approach it with an open mind. If they can't, then I'd really rather them not listen to it. Music's not a competition, so if they're gonna make it, one then leave me out of it."

Drummer Tanner Wayne peruses what's being said on message boards, but for information purposes more than anything else. Wayne said, "I think we're all confident enough with ourselves and the album to not really care. Like we love the positive, but the negative? I just laugh personally. Not to specify those people, but they're just dudes sitting at home on their computer while we're out doing our thing, enjoying our lives to the fullest. So the people that do want to hear it, then we appreciate you. But the people that hate it, you know, go on to something else."

Chiodos are currently working on their next album, the follow-up to 'Bone Palace Ballet,' which is due out later this year via Equal Vision.