Now that Chiodos have their new singer Brandon Bolmer firmly in place and they are tucked away in New Jersey writing their new album, it's as though as page has turned, for the better.

Keyboardist Bradley Bell told Noisecreep, "I don't think we've sat in the same room as a band in a couple years, so, now we all get along together so well. You just see us smiling all the time. Morale-wise, it was a time bomb. I couldn't imagine how long it would go on. Everyone was pretty miserable. Now, it's absolutely a complete 180 from that. It feels good to rough it a little again."

While the band were diplomatic and chose their words carefully when discussing booted frontman Craig Owens, it's clear to even a man who's been blind since birth that there were scorching tensions within the band and that this change was essential to the band's survival. "We'll have a 13-hour day in the studio and we'll come home, and everyone just hangs out," bassist Matt Goddard said. "Usually, it would be everyone going to their own room and going to bed angry. Day to day, you didn't know what was gonna happen next."

The new guy -- Bolmer -- is happy to step into the role and help be the catalyst for nudging Chiodos to a more positive place. "What's kind of cool in this whole situation, is that everyone in the band, including myself and the original members, are all going through a change and that change has brought happiness to everybody," he said. "It's renewed something, it's fresh, we're exited again. I was working a part time job at home, struggling to continue my old band and I was frustrated. I wanted to do something new and I wanted change, and change can be a great thing.

"For anybody that might have doubts about what it might sound like, I can only hope that you will embrace the change and see it for what it is now. Maybe you'll really like it. Maybe you won't. But you never know until you give it a chance."

It's like brussel sprouts. You'll never know if you like 'em till you gobble one down.