Chiodos have announced that their third album, 'Illuminaudio' -- their first with brand new singer Brandon Bolmer, who replaces the departed Craig Owens -- will hit shelves on Oct. 5.

"We're all ready to bring this beautiful monster into the world," Bolmer told Noisecreep. "When you work hard on something, and you're proud of it, it's a feeling unlike any other when you finally get to share it with people." Bolmer's first interview as a member of Chiodos was actually with Noisecreep last March, while the band was in the studio.

Indeed, Chiodos worked hard on the album; they spent 15 months working on it. In their official statement on the album release, the band took care to assure fans that while their frontman has changed -- and for the better -- the core of Chiodos remains the same. Keyboardist Bradley Bell said, "Even if the lineup had stayed the same, I feel that the direction of sound would've turned out similar. We don't feel like our vision was lost or compromised in any way throughout the writing process."

Those who know and love the Chiodos' sound and vision are prepared for grandiose melodies, delicate pianos and layered vocals that vacillate between piercing screams and high pitched wails that live among vitriolic guitars.

Bell also said, "We put an incredible amount of thought, time, sacrifice, emotion and stress into the process of making this beautiful monster. I believe all of that will shine through the music as soon as people press play."

"Illuminaudio" Track Listing:

1. Illuminaudio

2. Caves

3. Love Is A Cat From Hell

4. Modern Wolf Hair

5. Notes In Constellations

6. Scaremonger

7. His Story Repeats Itself

8. Let Us Burn One

9. Hey Zeus! The Dungeon

10. Stratovolcano Mouth

11. Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together

12. Closed Eyes Still Look Forward

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