ChiodosIn the fourth and final installment of our exclusive video interview series with Chiodos, where they debut new vocalist Brandon Bolmer, the band offered some teaser info about the future, such as the new album possibly being released this June, about how they deal with gossip on messages boards after they kicked out their former singer and their touring plans, which include Bamboozle Left at the end of this month.

Watch and listen to Bolmer, keyboardist Bradley Bell, drummer Tanner Wayne and bassist Matt Goddard wax on all things that pertain to Chiodos' future. Oh, and they said they liked our questions, even though they haven't done a lot of interviews recently and aren't worn out from answering the same set of questions yet. We got 'em first, and we wish Chiodos best of luck with Bolmer -- and we can't wait to hear him sing for he band.