Cleveland powerhouse Chimaira will take their rightfully-earned place on the Jägermeister stage of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2010 this summer. The six-piece will be promoting their latest effort, 'Infection,' so vocalist Mark Hunter willingly submitted to our probing questions about what he and his band -- who are used to the deep freeze of their native city -- will be looking forward to this hot and sweaty summer. And no, it's not a four-man acoustical jam!

What bands are you looking forward to seeing at Mayhem Fest 2010? Anyone that's caught your ear lately? Anyone you've heard making waves in recent months?

I've always liked Korn live. I may not be a fan of every record they've done, but they throw down live, and it always sounds devastatingly heavy. This will be the third time we've toured with them, so I'll probably continue the tradition of watching them whenever possible. Of course Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall and Rob Zombie will be awesome to watch. I've never met Rob Zombie, so I'm hoping to be able to have the chance for that. I have been out of the loop with new music. Nothing has caught my attention, so I've been hibernating with the classics.

What are you planning for your own set? Any interesting covers? Playing some old classics? Crowd favorites?

We are planning something totally different. An all-acoustic set, similar to Tesla back in the day. We figured since everyone is going to try to 'out-heavy' each other; we will do something new. Of course I'm totally kidding, and if you believed that even for a second, then shame on you! We plan to bring the pain.

What's the best backstage/after show activity on the tour. Ozzfest always had their famous BBQs. How are you planning on spending your downtime this summer at Mayhem Fest 2010?

I look forward to some BBQs. I love to eat, and I love to cook. Having all that time and space makes it easy to do both. I know Mayhem has their own style when it comes to the party vibe, so we are looking forward to learning it!

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