Emil Werstler, guitarist for the super-heavy band Chimaira, has made a video showing how to play his parts for the Chimaira song 'All That’s Left Is Blood,' from their latest album 'Crown of Phantoms.'

The video, created for Guitar World, features different angles of Werstler playing along with the song, with his hands and his guitar’s neck clearly visible. Viewers get to see, not only all of the rhythm parts, but the blistering solo as well.

The feature is part of a series on Guitar World’s website in which guitarists from different bands play along with a song of their own. The videos serve as aids, helping guitar players more easily learn how to play these songs. Past videos have featured tracks from bands such as Legion, Dark Sermon and Intervals.

Chimaira just released the album 'Crown of Phantoms' on July 30. The album’s release comes after the band went through some significant changes. In 2011, the band got a new drummer and a new keyboard player. Later, Emil Werstler took over the reins of lead guitar.

Lead singer Mark Hunter is the only person who has remained in the band since its inception. Hunter spoke about the lineup changes in an interview with Loudwire. He felt that, despite all of the changes, the band remained faithful to its original sound. “Everyone knows what band they’re in, and we’re not going to hear somebody submit a riff that would be better suited to a different [act], per se, but, at the same time, it was very natural, and everyone was just themselves completely,” said Hunter.

'Crown of Phantoms' was released after a successful Indiegogo campaign the band ran to produce a CD/DVD combo. Fans who pledged $30 or more got the album, plus seven bonus tracks and a DVD featuring a “uniquely stylized documentary” about the making of the album and some behind-the-scenes footage.

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