Sammy Hagar has confirmed that the new Chickenfoot album is just about done and should be out in the fall.

The band is comprised of Hagar on lead vocals, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith on drums, guitarist Joe Satriani, and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. The band has been recording with Mike Fraser, a Canadian producer, engineer, and mixer whose C.V. includes AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, and Satriani.

"We're doing a new album right now and it's fantastic," Hagar told Noisecreep. "Chickenfoot's just such a great band. Chickenfoot is so much like when I joined Van Halen originally, the '5150' years (1986). We do everything so fast."

Just prior to leaving on his book tour to promote his new autobiography, 'Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock,' Hagar said that Fraser had been at his home studio in California all week to record his background vocals.

"I have a studio. When the Foot's in there, I call it The Foot Locker; when my band's in there, I call it Red Rocker Recording. It's going great. We have 12 wonderful new songs and I'm doing vocals and Joe's doing overdubs. We've got all the basic tracks."

Among the song titles are 'No Change,' 'Who's Next' and 'Astral Years,' Hagar revealed. There's also a track called 'I Ain't Got You, I Got The Two By Blues.' "It's not a comical record, but we're having so much fun, it will make you laugh," said Hagar. "That's how much fun we have when we play."

"Chickenfoot is the most musical band. If Joe says, 'I got this idea,' and he starts playing guitar, Chad starts playing drums, Mike starts on bass, and I start singing. Within two hours, we have a song. It's not like we slave; it's not like we argue. It's so simple. There is no torture involved."

He says everyone is getting busy now, including Smith who is going out on tour with the Chili Peppers. "We're going to try and get it out before the fall. We're not looking to do a tour this summer or anything like that. We're going to wait until the album comes out and see if Chad's gonna be available."

Chickenfoot's self-titled debut album, co-produced with Andy Johns (Joe Satriani, L.A. Guns, Van Halen), came out in 2009 and went gold in the U.S. and Canada.

Watch the video for 'Sexy Little Thing'

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