'American Idol' winner Carrie Underwood will be back on the show each week – sort of. This year, she provides vocals for the "boot song." For those that don't know that's the tune that plays as we watch the losers bawl and watch their bright futures go dim.

Anyway, the boot tune is 'Home Sweet Home.' Yeah, the Motley Crue 'Theatre of Pain' hit. Ms. Underwood gives the ballad her own twangy treatment and basically introduces Motley to about a zillion underage girls. Listen for yourself on iTunes.

Not every Motley fan loves the idea. In fact, some are downright closed-minded about the exposure.

'American Idol' gets a lot of hate from metal fans. It seems many of these diehards are forgetting that Carrie is actually doing something positive for the genre. Maybe Poison said it best: "You've got to stand for what you believe." Keep on standing, Carrie. Flash the devil horns while you're at it.

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