Gridlink, ‘Orphan’ — New Album
Extreme metal and grindcore veterans from Discordance Axis (frontman Jon Chang and guitarist Steve Procopio), Japan's Mortalized (guitarist Takafumi Matsubara), Phobia (drummer Bryan Fajardo (also in Kill the Client)) and Human Remains (bassist Ted Patterson) are holed up at Technical Ecstasy Studios in New Jersey to record 'Orphan,' the follow-up to their 2008 debut 'Amber Gray' as Gridlink... R
Flourishing Break Down New York City’s Metal Scene
New York City band Flourishing – featuring Wetnurse's Garett Bussanick- are one of those bands coming up in the seedy underbelly of N.Y.C., and Bussanick was happy to dissect the metal scene for us, from its hipster locales to show series to general jadedness by the locals. "A ...
Brutal Truth Call Cauldron a Great Heavy Metal Band
"This one is for all you German rockers. It's about making noise and drinking beer on the weekends. It's called 'Making Noise and Drinking Beeeeer!'" Cauldron vocalist and bassist Jason Decay said. Re-thrashers Cauldron were the first band up when Municipal Waste, Brutal Truth and Phobia played Gramercy Theater Dec...
Funeral Pyre Play Last L.A. Show Before Writing, Recording
At the Blvd Cafe, its walls adorned with pictures of performances past, Los Angeles' the Funeral Pyre played their last show ... of 2009, amidst a swirl of beer and black metal. Along with Oakland's Embers, in town while on a brief Southwest-ish tour, the mistitled bar-turned-café-but-still-a-bar saw a good two hours of black metal and beer prior to the Funeral Pyre retreating into writing/recordi
White Noise: News on Alice In Chains, Poison The Well, Municipal Waste, Dethklok and More
Illegal downloading has hobbled the music industry over the last decade, and try as they might, labels and musicians have been unable to quell online leaks and file sharing. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Late last night, the publicists for Smashing Pumpkins issued a press release announcing that Billy Corgan, the band's sole remaining founding member, would be releasing a new album call