Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. will host the first-ever Bringing It Back or the Kids Fest this coming May 13 and 14. It is being put together by Cliff Wiener. He knows a thing or two about what's going on in the hardcore scene, having run a variety of labels and clothing companies, such as Undecided Records, 567 Records, Royal Family Clothing and 1981 Straight Edge Clothing.

The fest will boast 30 bands playing over the course of two days, including Terror, Remembering Never, Stick to Your Guns, Evergreen Terrace, Casey Jones, Trapped Under Ice, among others. But moshing won't be the sole activity taking place. There's also going to be a dodgeball tournament, spin the bottle, food tasting and other events. Dodgeball? That just upped this fest's status to can't miss.

Wiener checked in with Noisecreep and broke down the five reasons that Bringing It Back for the Kids Fest is worth a plane ticket or gas money to get there.

Old school vibe:
"Most kids going to shows these days weren't able to take part in things like Detroit Fest or the first Gainesville Fest. Gainesville Fest was an awesome experience because not only did great and up-and-coming bands play like New Found Glory, Hot Water Music, Culture, Dawn of Orion, as well as many others -- there was kickball, volley ball, camping and all sorts of other things you could do if you didn't want to watch bands. Everyone had name tags with their AOL screen names on them. People knew each other from all over the country, and it was an easy way to identify everyone. There was a real sense of community back then. Hardcore and punk was still inaccessible. You needed record stores, friends to make you mix tapes, a record player and handmade zines to learn about and understand this world. [Bringing It Back for the Kids Fest] is trying meld the best of all the things hardcore has to offer."

Activities: "Bringing It Back has some things in the early planning stages, like Twister, spin the bottle, dodgeball and other types of games as well. Our fest needs to have more to it than just a bunch of bands in a room. This isn't kindergarten, either. We're not going to have everyone bring their blankets for nap time before Terror goes on. If you want to participate, you can. If not, you probably won't have as much fun as those that do."

Food: "We're going to have a variety of vegan and vegetarian options available, as well as a selection of Japanese candy and snacks provided by Florida Super Comics and Games. You need energy to mosh right?"

Bands: "This is probably the most important part of any music-related festival. We are striving to put together the most interesting lineup of hardcore bands we possibly can. It's also very important to us that, while we will have many national acts, that we support our local hardcore scene as well with as many local hardcore bands playing as possible."

Location: "Rocket Town is in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The venue has no smoking or drinking. It's all ages. Anyone can come to our show. We're literally five minutes from the beach and two and a half hours away from Disney. It's the perfect spot for a show."

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