If you've caught any of Bring Me the Horizon's recent musical output, you're well aware that the band is utilizing keyboardist Jordan Fish more than ever. And it’s the Fish synth work that apparently caught the ear of ShellacRecord, who put together a mash-up that blends the band's current single "Throne" with the Linkin Park classic "Faint."

The clip begins with Linkin Park's familiar string opening and the band's lyrical content from "Faint," but begins to evolve to include Bring Me the Horizon's musical backing. Eventually some of Bring Me the Horizon's "Throne" lyrics are worked in, but from a lyrical standpoint, Linkin Park gets more of the play. Check out the mash-up in the player above.

Linkin Park have been fans of mash-ups over the years, going so far as to record their own mash-up disc called Collision Course with Jay-Z. The effort topped the Billboard Album Chart and yielded a hit single with the mixing of Linkin Park's "Numb" with Jay-Z's "Encore."

Bring Me the Horizon are currently promoting their new album That's the Spirit that arrived earlier this month. "Throne" has emerged as the lead single, while the tracks "Happy Song" and "True Friends" have also arrived online to boost promotion of the disc. The band also recorded a track called "Drown" that arrived late last year that was issued to serve as a bridge to their new music. An alternate version of that single appears on the That's the Spirit album. The disc is available via Amazon and iTunes.

Bring Me the Horizon are currently rocking the States and will perform in Orlando tonight (Oct. 1). The group also has a European trek on the horizon. See all of their dates here.

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