Brendon Small is ramping up to a new Galaktikon record, but many are likely wondering about the state of his other band -- Dethklok. During an interview with Metal Insider, Small offers a less than optimistic outlook on Dethklok as well as the Metalocalypse Adult Swim series that spawned the animated rock outfit.

The interview began with Small being asked if the second Galaktikon album came about in the same way as the first, with the musician waiting to hear what was going on with Dethklok. He responded, "This is dissimilar in that I think I'm basically all but finished making Dethklok records, only because the network has been less than easygoing about lending out the name."

Last fall, there was a Metalocalypse Now campaign launched to allow Small to finish the Dethklok story, but he explains, "They were saying that they didn't have enough money, but I thought if we caused enough noise, some financial backers would show up. They actually did, and some people that were willing to offer just shy of two million dollars stepped forward and said, 'we would love to finance the show and do this final mini-series,' and the network said, 'No, we don’t want to do anymore Metalocalypse at all,' and that was the end of it."

He reveals that the petition gained just shy of 100,000 signatures with people saying they would follow wherever the series ended up, but as Small states, "It turns out Adult Swim doesn't want anyone to have Metalocalypse, not even themselves. They just want old reruns. They paid for it, so they can take their ball and go home with it, and that's how show business works, for better or for worse. They said just a flat out no, and they get to do that."

Even though the outcome was not what was hoped for, Small says, "I would do it the same way every time because that means that I got to make this show, I got to turn a bunch of people on to heavy metal, I got to make people laugh, and I got to make a whole bunch of music, whereas before, I was only making music for myself in my little room where I play guitar for myself. I got to put a whole audience together and make characters and comedy and a long story that people were interested in, and without Adult Swim giving me the money up front, it wouldn’t have happened. So even if this ending doesn’t seem so great, the whole story is a good one, it’s a positive story."

He concludes, "After a break up, both parties like to exclaim about how nobody ever loved each other in the first place, but the truth is, this is a really good love story between me and Adult Swim. there’s nothing wrong with that, at some point a TV show has got to end, and I was ready for the show to end no matter what, but I wanted to tag on this little final ending story."

As for Galaktikon, Small revealed earlier this month that a new album was in the works. He teased the disc with a pair of Instagram posts, one of which suggested that he was about to "start tracking drums with Gene at Gil's."

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