It's been quite an interesting year for Babymetal, who disappeared last October after their 10-year anniversary celebrations wrapped up. Last week, which marked a year from the start of the hiatus, they announced a new album called The Other One, and they've now officially made their return with a new track titled "Divine Attack - Shingeki -."

The Other One is Babymetal's first-ever concept album, and serves as a "restoration project" that focuses on their existence within the virtual world dubbed "Metalverse." A teaser clip in promotion of the record declared that it tells the "other" story of Babymetal. According to a press release, each of the 10 songs on the album will be based on each of the 10 parallel worlds the kawaii metalheads encountered within the Metalverse.

"Divine Attack - Shingeki -" is our first taste of The Other One, and it based on the parallel world Cavalry. It's a bit of a sonic shift away from the heavily-electronic dance metal that they've put out throughout their career so far, supporting the notion that this is a "new chapter" for Babymetal. This is also the band's very first set of lyrics that was written by Su-Metal.

As displayed on their website, another song will be released in November, January, February and March before the album is finally unveiled on March 24. Babymetal are set to make their return to the stage on Jan. 28 and 29 at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Japan before heading out on a European tour with Sabaton in April.

Check out "Divine Attack - Shingeki -" below, and pre-order your copy of The Other One here.

Babymetal - 'Divine Attack - Shingeki -'

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