In playing their first show since the release of their new album, The Other One, Babymetal officially revealed their new third member, Momometal.

She now joins Su-metal and Moametal, who have been fronting Babymetal as a pair since the 2018 departure of Yuimetal, and fans are quite excited to see how she has risen through the ranks. Prior to being bestowed the stage name of Momometal, Momoko Okazaki served as one of the band's backup dancers, dubbed Avengers, from 2019 through the present.

Okazaki has plenty of other onstage experience as well and was a member of Japanese idol group Sakura Gakuin (translation: Cherry Blossom Academy) from 2015 through 2018. She was one of over two dozen members to pass through the lineup between the 2010 formation and 2020 dissolution.

On Twitter, Babymetal shared a photo of the trio, celebrating their first two shows (labeled Black Night and Clear Night) in support of The Other One, their first-ever concept album.

The group also thanked fans for coming out to Clear Night, one overview photo of the massive crowd and another of the three-piece lineup.

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Fans reacted favorably to the news, thrilled that not only are Babymetal a trio up front again, but that Momometal's hard work over the years has been rewarded with this incredible opportunity.

Based on the photos many shared, Momometal looks extremely happy to be performing alongside Su-metal and Moametal.

At the April 1 Black Night concert, Babymetal also played five The Other One songs live for the first time — "MAYA," "Mirror Mirror," "Time Wave," "Believing" and "METALIZM."

View the setlist directly below.

Congrats, Momometal!

Babymetal Setlist — April 1, 2023 (via

02. "Megitsune"
03. "Gimme Chocolate!!"
04. "MAYA" (Live debut)
05. "Mirror Mirror" (Live debut)
06. "Time Wave" (Live debut)
07. "KARATE" (Performed with three more other dancers)
08. "Believing" (Live debut)
09. "METALIZM" (Live debut)
10. "Distortion"
11. "PA PA YA!!"
12. "Road of Resistance"
13. "BABYMETAL DEATH" (Shin ver.)
14. "Ijime, Dame, Zettai"

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