In a strange marketing move -- even for an extreme black metal band -- experimental French trio Blut Aus Nord are getting ready to release their yet-untitled brand new concept album along with a reissue of their third record, 2001's 'The Mystical Beast of Rebellion.' The double-CD and double-LP will come out on the band's new label Debumur Morti Productions, which will also release a vinyl version of the group's 1995 debut, 'Ultima Thulee.'

This will be followed by a project the band is calling 'What Once Was,' a series of album dedicated to a pure, primal no-frills black metal sound. The first offering in this series will be called 'Liber I,' and will be driven by "a dark, obscure and evil atmosphere," according to the band's label.

Finally, Blut Aus Nord are working on a vinyl edition of their 2003 full-length 'The Work Which Transforms God' as well as split CDs with Irish black metal group Rebirth of Nefast and French black metal quartet Way to End.

The releases are described as being "more macabre and sinister [than earlier albums], through a blend of innovative musical research, subliminal mental manipulation and an incredible haunted, nightmarish feeling based on disharmony."

Blut Aus Nord's last full album, 'Memoria Vetusta II -- Dialogue with the Stars' came out in February 2009.

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