Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld is known for his brutally honest lyrics, but on their recently released 'Any Man in America' album, the singer-songwriter has outdone himself. Tracks like 'The Flight (Lincoln to Minneapolis)' and 'The Money Tree' read like diary entries, finding Furstenfeld at his most vulnerable.

"I don't worry about that at all. I'm not afraid to be open about my struggles. It's in the past now. The first turmoil in my life was drugs and I lied to everyone around me. I was a total idiot and I can't believe how I acted during that time period. I finally got passed that.

"The next turmoil was my marriage. I was like, "What the hell did I just do?" But we did have a beautiful baby. God must have put me there for a reason," says says Furstenfeld who recently launched – a place for fathers, mothers and children who have dealt, or are dealing with, the issues of shared parenting and child custody to find their voice and speak their mind. "But yeah, the turmoil is over and the door is closed on that drama. It's about starting a new life now."

Luckily, Furstenfeld got clean, but Noisecreep asked the Blue October frontman what came first, the fame or the drugs. "I actually wasn't on drugs when we were successful. I got on drugs when we got dropped by Universal. I mean, I was a pothead before that, but when we got dropped by our label, I went into a state of madness. I went through a period where I wanted to be Jean Michel Basquiat, the painter. But unlike him, I didn't do heroin. I did other bad stuff."

Watch 'The Chills' From Blue October

In a twist, but not surprising series of events, Blue October was once again courted by their former label and resigned for their 2009 album, 'Approaching Normal.' But this time out, Furstenfeld replaced his drug addiction with another vice.

"When we got back with Universal, that's when I decided to stop using drugs. But what happened was I switched my addiction to food and I got really fat [laughs]. Sylvia Rhone (the head of Universal Motown at the time) looked at me one day and said, "You better skinny up boy!" So I did. I love Sylvia – she gave me up."

Blue October will be bringing representatives from the American Coalition for Fathers and Children on the road with them to educate fans about Family Breakdown, Divorce and Emotional Child Support during their current 'Any Man in America' tour. Dates are listed below.

10/4/11 George's Majestic Lounge Fayetteville, AR

10/6/11 Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK

10/7/11 Mid America Center Council Bluffs, IA

10/9/11 House of Blues Cleveland, OH

10/11/11 House of Blues Chicago, IL

10/12/11 Royal Oak Music Theatre Detroit, MI

10/13/11 Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA

10/14/11The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD

10/15/11 Webster Hall New York, NY

10/16/11 Water Street Music Hall Rochester, NY

10/17/11 House of Blues Boston, MA

10/19/11 The Fillmore Charlotte Charlotte, NC

10/20/11 Buckhead Theater Atlanta, GA

10/21/11 House of Blues New Orleans, LA

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