Noisecreep has partnered with Blowsight to premiere the video for "Hit on the Radio," which appears on their album Life & Death, out April 9.

The clip is cinematic. Think Million Dollar Baby meets Rocky, thanks to all that boxing. There's also a touch of Office Space, specifically the scene when the Initech employees house a printer. You'll see what we mean when you watch the vid, which is stylized and visually appealing, with a bit of a gothic tint.

There is some baseball bat violence enacted on inanimate objects – don't worry, it was just some old radios. Turns out that was the most fun the band had while filming. The video literally puts some hits on some radios! Okay, so that's the spoiler on the Office Space mention!

The video was filmed at Khalil Boxing in Essen, Germany while the band was on tour with Oomph! Vocalist Nick Red said, "It was colder than Siberia in that ring. Our favorite part of the shoot however was on Day Two, at the PixelGarage, where we smashed the radios. Our label manager and director brought like a hundred radios to the set, handed us baseball bats and told us to just go crazy."

Watch 'Hit on the Radio' Video

Red confessed that he might but not have huge muscles but he still enjoyed taking out his frustration on those poor, unsuspecting radios. "Damn it felt good seeing those plastic parts explode into a billion pieces," he said.

Nothing like a little assaulting things that can't feel to get the red out!

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