"We had a lot of fans on our Facebook page asking us to make a new video, so we made one," laughs vocalist Christian Lindskog. The Blindside frontman is referring to 'Our Love Saves Us,' the new video from the Swedish post-hardcore vets. The track comes off 'With Shivering Hearts We Wait, their sixth studio album.

"We have a good friend named Marcus von Boisman, who is a great film maker, and together we worked up this idea about facing fear and finding love.Through the process of writing this record and recording it, we have been talking about ideas for film. We love the medium and have always wanted to go beyond the usual three minute performance video. We actually wrote a treatment for a full length film for this album. We started shooting a kind of visual storybook that we were going to put out with the record, but these things take time and money and sometimes you just need to start somewhere so this video in a way it is just a start of something we hope we can grow," says Lindskog.

Check out the Noisecreep premiere of Blindside's video for 'Our Love Saves Us' under the cut.

Watch 'Our Love Will Save Us' from Blindside

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In the four years that have passed since Blindside released its last project the now seminal hard rock band hasn't been all that visible on American soil, but was certainly busy on the international front as well as behind the scenes.

With their families' full support and a refined spiritual vision, Blindside went back to the drawing board for its most compelling collection to date. 'With Shivering Hearts We Wait' marks its newest album, and serves as a reunion with super-producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Flyleaf), who helmed the Elektra Records collections 'Silence' [2002] and 'About a Burning Fire' [2004]. The results find the band turning in some of its most aggressive creative strides to date, coupled with a newfound accessibility sure to expand the group's already sizeable worldwide fan base.

'With Shivering Hearts We Wait' is available now via INO Records.

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