For some fans, the upcoming Black Sabbath reunion won't be complete unless all four original members -- including drummer Bill Ward, who has pulled out over contract disputes -- participate. Hence "1,000,000 Black Sabbath fans say yes to Bill Ward," a new Facebook page created in support of Ward.

The initiative sprang up following reports that manager Sharon Osbourne, wife of lead singer Ozzy, had fired Ward and replaced him with Tommy Clufetos, a member of her husband's solo backing band.

"Let's see how Facebook works for Rock and Roll!" reads the initial Facebook post. "I think that the firing of Bill Ward from the Black Sabbath reunion is unconscionable and must not stand. Please spread this as far and as fast as we can!!"

As of Wednesday (Feb. 8) morning, some 8.500 Sabbath supporters had lent their support to the online push.

"Is it too much to give an original member 25%" read a post from earlier today. "The math is pretty easy. Is there more to the story? How long will it take someone from the Black Sabbath camp to make a comment that addresses the issue - besides trying to put it off on Ward? It can't be difficult, right? Give Bill his fair share!"

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