Noisecreep and Black Oxygen have partnered up to premiere the band's video for "Escape the Pain," which was filmed live at Rockfest 2012, which took place in their native Kansas City, Mo. The clip effectively captures these rockers in all their live, onstage glory! Feel like you are pressed up against the stage barrier and enjoying a rock concert for a few moments by watching this clip. The band puts the viewer in the front row, vicariously.

Singer David Lyle told Noisecreep, "The video concept was pretty simple. We wanted to get people who may have never seen us to get a feel for Black Oxygen live. Hopefully, seeing this video for our song 'Escape the Pain' will inspire people to come out and see us on our upcoming tours."

He continued, "Most of the live footage was shot at Rockfest 2012. It was a dream come true for us to play in front of 40,000 crazy rock fans in our hometown of Kansas City."

Watch "Escape the Pain" Video

Black Oxygen's American Dream is out now, and the band has hit the road to support the album alongside Saliva. They will spend the dog days of July on tour with Sevendust.

Lyle opened up a bit more about the song itself, which is a midtempo, bottom-heavy tune that is not dissimilar to Alice in Chains, saying, "It comes from a place deep inside of me that represents some of the rough times growing up and how I dealt with it. I really wanted to escape the pain and follow my dreams when most people told me I couldn't." That should help listeners connect even more deeply with the song.

Drummer Nick Lyle chimed in, saying, "The video takes you through a musical trip into the band's alter ego world. The filming was great! It didn't even feel like we were filming a music video because we were focused on the live show."

We'll hand it to Black Oxygen. This video makes a live gig look artful, thanks to the tones, textures and hues.