Papa Roach have been making a racket for the past 15 years. Their music is explosive and their visuals are chaotic, due in large part to the push and pull posturing of singer Jacoby Shaddix. You're never quite sure when his fuse is going to blow, but it usually always does at some point.

He's charismatic as a frontman and overall, P. Roach's videos are visually appealing spectacles, thanks to the plotlines, copious tattoos and dark, shadowy colors. One thing is for sure -- Shaddix and his demons are usually the stars of the videos. He puts them out there for all the world to see.

We've put together this list of 10 Best Papa Roach Videos, but we will issue a fair warning. The videos are intense, so you might need a breather after viewing each and every one. But then again, that voraciousness is what makes these clips something you can't turn away from.

  • 10

    'Broken Home'

    Directed by: Marcos Siega

    Shaddix's family problems, namely the fractured relationship between mom and dad, are explored in the 'Broken Home' video, which takes place in his home during eras of his life. It ends with the band going absolutely nuclear, demolishing the abode with their instruments, reminding us that music is a savior.

  • 9

    'Before I Die'

    Directed by: Ezio Lucido

    Shaddix is surrounded by temptations of the substance and female sort in 'Before I Die.' He's on a wood floor, bathed in sunlight, so he can't escape or hide, even though the song is about the time he fought the urge to commit suicide. It's a dense clip, with a lot going on, complete with a near-drowning, all of which come together to make it one of Papa Roach's 10 best videos.

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    Direction by: Motion Theory

    'Scars' is full of performance (in a muddy, ashen field) and partying footage. At this point, we can tell that the band's videos have a formula, and a common theme is that excess can be a real you know what and can destroy that which you love, including yourself. A home is burned to the ground, as a metaphor for indulgence being the cause of loss and destruction.

  • 7


    Directed by: Chris Sims

    The video for 'Lifeline' finds the band performing in an power station amid scenes of a blue-collar worker facing the realities of mortgage bills and mouths to feed. The beauty of this video is that it advances a story of hardships that so many Americans and Papa Roach fans can equally relate to.

  • 6

    'Last Resort'

    Directed by: Marcos Siega

    There's nothing quite like a music video featuring a band performing in a tight, small setting, surrounded by a throng of rabid fans, which happens in the 'Last Resort' video. Shaddix and the boys are performing on a lightbox stage as they mosh it up. There are shots of disaffected kids and fans, staring while standing inside their rooms, once again reminding us that music is salvation.

  • 5

    'She Loves Me Not'

    Directed by: David Meyers

    'She Loves Me Not' finds the band performing in a post-apocalyptic landscape. The wasteland is the remnant of an amusement park, where music feels like the only redemption while life as we know it falls apart. Take a Dramamine before watching this clip, because the ride footage might make you hurl.

  • 4

    'Hollywood Whore'

    Directed by: Jesse Davey

    In 'Hollywood Whore,' we get lots of closeups of Jacoby Shaddix, and there is crazy in those eyes. The camera gets so close you can see the blood vessels and the pores on his nose. The whore of Hollywood is a blonde writhing on the floor but is it really her or is she a metaphor for him? That's up to you to interpret. When she starts to decay and bleed, it's graphic and sanguine, like that which you'd see in a horror movie.

  • 3

    'Between Angels and Insects'

    Directed by: Joseph Kahn

    The video for 'Between Angels and Insects' finds the band performing in a darkened, dank room. Papa Roach are not afraid to get intimate with a camera's lens, letting it look down their gullets and inside their mouths. Shaddix spews coackroaches while he screams. We also get a look at the members' insides, as the cameras snake through their systems. This unique visual look makes 'Between Angels and Insects' one of the 10 best Papa Roach videos.

  • 2

    'Getting Away With Murder'

    Directed by: Motion Theory

    Shaddix is on the trading floor part of the stock exchange rat race and also rocking the hell out with his bandmates, while jerks in suits are calling the shots. It's a concert in the middle of the trading floor, spliced with some heist plot footage. The 'Getting Away With Murder' video certainly speaks to the working stiffs of the world who need music as an outlet.

  • 1

    'No Matter What'

    Directed by: Jesse Davey

    'No Matter What' is the best Papa Roach video since it plays out like a mini-film, with some thrilling action sequences. The suit-wearing Shaddix and his mates are in trouble and it's a standoff between them and the authorities. Things get tense and you'll be biting your nails on the edge of your seat. There is performance footage, too, but it's decidedly secondary. The narrative and plot mirror the song's lyrical theme of "survive or die," amid a hail of bullets.

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