Korn videos aren't just videos. They are short films and events. The Bakersfield band has had a video retired on TRL; won a Grammy and a VMA for one of their clips; and they always employ high profile directors, ranging from Hollywood hero McG to fellow rocker Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame to comic book author and artist Todd McFarlane.

They took the heavy metal music video medium up a notch, by employing things like animation and allowing their clips to be a conduit through which they could connect to fans. It's like their videos are lifelines to the millions of disaffected, discouraged, outcast youth that look to hard rock and heavy metal for solace and as a place to find comfort and to feel at home.

Korn videos are never easy to digest, either, and that's precisely what makes these clips art. To celebrate Korn's inimitable deftness with the medium, we've chosen the 10 Best Korn Videos.

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    'Narcissistic Cannibal'

    Direction by: ShadowMachine Films

    Korn videos are expansive spectacles, but that doesn't mean there aren't simple, to-the-point clips, like 'Narcissistic Cannibal.' It's comprised of frenetic live footage, filmed at the tiny Roxy in Hollywood, which was an obvious underplay since they can sell out venues three times that size. It effectively captures the essence of Korn, the live animal. That's a critical part of the band's existence and is that which this video conveys.

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    Directed by: Dave Meyers

    You can't go wrong with a Korn video that features Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, who has filled in and performed with the band in the past. The satirical clip features animation and infographics about all the crap that is wrong with life and our country, from politics to the population. It might make you scratch your head and think here and there. That, coupled with Jordison's appearance, makes 'Evolution' one of the 10 Best Korn Videos.

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    'Way Too Far'

    Directed by: Joshua Allen

    The video matches the notion of the song title and lyrics about not knowing when to draw the line...and living to regret it. The members of Korn don't do anything in moderation in this clip. It was controversial and like any good piece of art, it got people talking and arguing. You have singer Jonathan Davis playing with guns; guitarist Munky driving too fast; and bassist Fieldy getting his face tattooed. It's wondering what happens when you tap dance too close to the edge in life. It's graphic but compelling, and will have you asking, "Is it better to regret something you have done than something you haven't?"

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    Directed by: The Hughes Brothers

    Bullying is a recurring theme in Korn songs and their videos. The band is able make a direct connection with those who are victims of bullying by showing that they get it and that they "know," thanks to the scenarios they depict in their videos. In this clip, a boy, played by Aaron Paul, who later got his big break as Jesse in 'Breaking Bad,' is bullied, beaten and humiliated. He gets his revenge at the prom, in a bit of a twisted homage to 'Carrie.' Once again, Korn extend support to the victimized underdog through the music video medium. It's also wicked cool that the members of Korn are trapped inside Paul's body, too!

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    Directed by: McG

    Bullying is a hot topic, due to the tragedies that have been ensuing as a result of the bullying epidemic. But it was fully explored in Korn's 1996 video for 'Clown.' Further connecting him to his legion of disaffected and outcast fans, Jonathan Davis portrays a bullied high schooler in the clip, reminding us that if it can happen to a rock star, it can happen to us. It narrows the chasm and shows that while high school may be the pinnacle of some people's existence, most of us prosper and enjoy our biggest successes AFTER we escape the hallways. That's evidenced by the cheerleader who ends up with the Korn tattoo on her back. Bad for her, good for them!

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    'Falling Away From Me'

    Directed by: Fred Durst

    The 'Falling Away From Me' video picks up where the famed 'Freak on a Leash' clip left off. A girl dealing with an abusive father finds her salvation in Korn's music. The viral nature of underground, metal music and culture is shown in this video, which is easily one of Korn's best. Plus, imagine how your dad would react to waking up to Korn playing in your bedroom!

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    Directed by: Joseph Kahn

    Pimps, hookers and Korn perishing in a car accident? That's not why 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' is one of the best Korn videos. It's the deft way that the band explored the seedy underbelly of a city and pushed shock value to the limit that makes it so! The body bag moshing is pretty creepy. Oh, and each member, whose corpses look disturbingly authentic, has an autopsy performed on him at a morgue, no doubt a nod to Davis' former gig. It's gripping and graphic, and JD is found to be wearing a bra and panties. Moving right along...

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    'Twisted Transistor'

    Directed by: Dave Meyers

    Korn went the mockumentary route with the video for 'Twisted Transistor,' with high-profile rappers playing the band members, poking fun at the music business. Lil Jon played Jonathan Davis; Xzibt played Fieldy; David Banner played David Silveria; and Snoop Dogg appeared as Munky. The real Korn appears, but they're a bit of an afterthought. This is a short film masquerading as a video.

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    'Freak on a Leash'

    Directed by: Todd McFarlane

    The video for 'Freak on a Leash' is one of Korn's best since it's animated, fun, cool and directed by 'Spawn' creator Todd McFarlane. It has all the elements to make it entertaining and revered by fans. It's like a film, mixing animation with live action performance. It won a Grammy and a VMA, and has stood the test of time as a high water mark for the band, moreso for the visuals and the artistry than the actual plot. But that's pretty rad, too.

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    'Got the Life'

    Directed by: McG

    The video for 'Got the Life,' the band's biggest hit and that which crossed them over to the mainstream, was eventually retired by MTV's 'TRL' because it was so popular. Conceived by bassist Fieldy and executed by McG (he of 'Charlie's Angels and 'Terminator Salvation'), 'Got the Life' is one of Korn's best for tons of reasons. The dancing! The game show like live performance! JD's creepy porno 'stache! The car wreck! The tracksuit! The blue solo cups! We love it all.

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