The continued appeal of Five Finger Death Punch, upon first listen, is their guitar heavy riffs and the cagey, relentless assault of Ivan Moody's vocals. But the outfit can do much more than straight ahead metal, as they approach their music with a stunning sense of craftsmanship, humor and lack of vanity.

One method of displaying their versatility is by taking a look at their 10 Best Videos, and although some of these clips traverse the well worn paths of the hard rock genre, FFDP manage to put their own personal spin on the proceedings. This list will likely change over time as the band continues to crank out great music, but for now let's take a look at the 10 Best Five Finger Death Punch Videos.

  • 10

    'The Pride'

    Directed by: Scott Corl

    'The Pride' was the perfect track for 'American Capitalist,' as it playfully balances our addiction to pop culture as well as the struggle for individuality. The video intercuts between the band performing as their fans rock out. Though Ivan Moody sings, "I'm not selling out, I'm buying in," the video still has tons of non-conformist elements, including the singer's crazy skull mic stand!

  • 9

    'The Bleeding'

    Directed by: Bradley Scott

    Love gone wrong is the theme of 'The Bleeding,' and Five Finger Death Punch frame their video with a pretty interesting and subtle twist. Moody plays a lovelorn guy who probably needs a second chance, or does he? The song was a great calling card for the band, as it set a tone for the band's insightful yet savage approach to metal.

  • 8

    'Never Enough'

    Directed by: Agata Alexander

    'Never Enough' is a well executed tale of family dissolution, as seen through the eyes of Five Finger Death Punch. Dad is a cop looking for nighttime fixes, his wife is an adulteress wearing a brunette wig for cover, and their son attempts to rob a gas station. "In the end, we're all just chalk lines on the concrete," muses Moody on the track. Though not the sunniest clip, it's very well done and deserving of a spot in the 10 Best Five Finger Death Punch videos.

  • 7

    'Battle Born'

    Directed by: Scott Corl

    'Battle Born,' the lead single off 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2,' centers on the group's never-ending tour schedule. The video, which begins with fans waving lighters and cell phones against a nighttime sky, starts off with a reflective moment before giving viewers a peek at the group's life on the road. We see shots of the group signing autographs, goofing off between concert gigs, meeting troops and even waiting for the next flight. It's a subtle compliment to the group's harder-edge themed videos, proving the band are more than willing to slow things down.

  • 6

    'The Way of the Fist'

    Directed by: Leithan Essex

    This is as hardcore as one can get, thanks to all the shots of UFC fighting as well as the band performing at some underground cage. The video's colors are muted, giving the clip a haunting, industrial feel, and a shirtless Moody looks completely plugged in, swearing and screaming like there's no tomorrow. Flipping viewers off at the end of the video was also a nice touch from the frontman.

  • 5

    'Coming Down'

    Directed by: Nick Peterson

    'Coming Down' takes the theme of bullying and turns it into a compelling video. Centering on two youths at their wits' end, the clip fortunately ends on a positive message, adding that "one friend can save a life" before showing a suicide prevention number. The video isn't preachy despite the weighty subject matter, but instead provides us with a solid narrative to deliver the goods. The message alone makes it one of Five Finger Death Punch's 10 Best Videos.

  • 4

    'Hard to See'

    Directed by: Matt Silverman

    'Hard To See' may be another Five Finger Death Punch track about a communication breakdown, but the video doesn't show two lovers in a screaming. Instead, Ivan Moody gets his head bashed in by a nattily dressed individual, and within seconds he's being buried alive. The group employ their fighting skills for a graveyard beatdown of the men in suits towards the story's final moments. It's definitely one of the band's more surreal (yet effective) outings.

  • 3

    'Bad Company'

    Directed by: Zoltan Bathory

    It's tough to top an already iconic rock song, but Five Finger Death Punch were up to the task with their rendition of 'Bad Company.' The song is a perfect fit for their 'War Is the Answer' album, especially since the video shows the group's visit to Iraq in 2010. Their dedication and love for the troops is evident from the black and white vid, and seeing the metal band outfitted in military gear is also a sight to behold.

  • 2

    'Under and Over It'

    Directed by: Ethan Emaniquis

    'Under and Over It' is Five Finger Death Punch at their most hedonistic. Whether it's partying at the pool with scantily clad babes, enjoying some high flying antics or receiving some "special favors" in a moving vehicle, the boys show off their raunchier side with this video. Even with all these shenanigans, our favorite scene starts seconds in when Ivan Moody punches out the director. Oh yeah, it's that type of party!

  • 1

    'Remember Everything'

    Directed by: Emile Levisetti

    'Remember Everything' features Five Finger Death Punch most gripping narrative. The video takes on the journey of a emotionally troubled man who, still burdened by his parents' abuse, fails to shed their destructive influence. A military stint and a marriage offered him temporary direction, but in the end he, as the song points out, remembers everything. It's a powerful clip that tops our list of the 10 Best Five Finger Death Punch Videos.

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