For a band that has yielded a wealth of material, Dream Theater have been relatively picky over the years in determining which songs will have a visual representation. However, that being said, it's evident that plenty of work has gone into making their visual artistry match up with their musical mastery. While several of their clips have put the focus more on their performance, others very adeptly tackle social commentary. And there are a few that provide more mystical elements.

We've sifted through the band's video output and given accolades to some of the group's better promos. So turn the volume up, scroll down and enjoy this list of the 10 Best Dream Theater Videos.

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    Directed by: Ralph Ziman

    We start off the 10 Best Dream Theater Videos with 'Lie,' a clip that pays tribute to the band's New York roots. The promo for the lead single off the 'Awake' album features shots of the Brooklyn Bridge, Tribeca and a Manhattan tunnel, making for a Big Apple love letter of sorts. Fans will also enjoy performance footage, even if the sped up tracking shots through the streets are a little jarring on the eye.

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    'Another Day'

    Directed by: Chris Painter

    What is the meaning behind the 'Another Day' video? That's likely more in the eye of the viewer. This clip primarily focuses on the band's performance, but the inclusion of an innocent little girl and what appears to be a father and son bonding on a hospital bed after the father's brain scan suggests a deeper story.

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    'The Silent Man'

    Directed by: Pamela Birkhead

    'The Silent Man' is one of the more head-trippy videos in Dream Theater's canon. This Pamela Birkhead-directed video centers on an elderly man at a remote cabin in the woods who receives a mirror, but this gift is not exactly well-received. What does he see and what is his reaction? We'll let you check that out for yourself.

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    Directed by: Ramon Boutiviseth

    The first of three clips directed by Ramon Boutiviseth in our 10 Best Dream Theater Videos list, 'Wither' serves as more of a document of life on the road. While Dream Theater revel in the live performances, this clip showcases some of the more quiet and lonely times on tour, with shots of walking down empty hallways, sound checking in vacant venues and just chilling out on the bus. There are also moments of signings and meet-and-greets and the band surrounded by fans, showing the true dichotomy of the road life.

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    'Hollow Years'

    Directed by: Axel Baur

    The Axel Baur-directed video for 'Hollow Years' has one of the more cinematic feels of any of the band's clips. This melancholy track is brought to life via the denizens of a busy city neighborhood, with an elder gentleman engulfed in reflection serving as the centerpiece of the storytelling. The visuals definitely capture the mood of 'Hollow Years.'

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    'Pull Me Under'

    Directed by: David Roth

    'Pull Me Under' has enjoyed the most commercial success of any of Dream Theater's tracks and the video for the song leaves plenty for the viewer to digest. A man takes a timepiece from a shrine, then looks back to an empty bed. But as the clip evolves, we see that an elderly man clearly struggling once occupied the bed and that time is speeding by at a rapid pace. Adding to the mystery is the repeated iconography of a beating heart entangled in barbed wire.

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    'A Rite of Passage'

    Directed by: Ramon Boutiviseth

    Is something sinister afoot in the 'A Rite of Passage' video? As the lyrics suggest, "men of wealth and power, influence and fate" take part in a secret society, clothed in black and red robes and performing a ritual. As for the band, they play against a dark backdrop amidst of flurry of snow. The clip also includes a great mid-song breakdown and guitar solo from John Petrucci.

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    Directed by: Yasufumi Soejima

    Dream Theater went the animated route for 'Forsaken.' The clip centers on a man visited by an apparition, taking a leap of faith and fully giving himself over to her as they fly through the night. But as the song title might suggest, all does not end up rosy for our hero. Watch and enjoy one of Dream Theater's more artistic clips.

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    'On the Backs of Angels'

    Directed by: Ramon Boutiviseth

    Dream Theater take on a more pointed view with the 'On the Backs of Angels' video. A haunting musical opening plays as shots of ancient statues and old structures are revealed, but as the song picks up and quick flashes of money, government and the military show on screen, the long-standing structures begin to crumble. On the performance side, there's an interesting shot of keyboardist Jordan Rudess showcasing some of his nimble playing.

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    'The Enemy Inside'

    Directed by: Bill Fishman

    Video or PSA? Either way, 'The Enemy Inside' is a powerful piece of film. The brutality of the band's music on 'The Enemy Inside' is the perfect soundtrack for a group of real life soldiers offering testimonials on some of atrocities they've seen. The clip also tells the tale of a soldier who's returned home to his family while still living with the horrors of war. While a solid showcase for the song, the video is also an equally effective tool promoting the Save a Warrior project.