Avenged Sevenfold effectively use the video medium to their advantage. Their videos often help advance the stories in their songs, which are filled with rich and vivid lyrical imagery.

Whether it's a simple, black and white performance clip, a montage of scenes that depict life on the road, a full-on narrative featuring actors and actresses or a visual homage to Tim Burton, A7X have assembled a hearty, attention-getting collection of videos that span all of their albums and the past decade-plus.

Noisecreep has collected what we think are the 10 best Avenged Sevenfold videos. Given the wealth of visual candy in the band's repertoire, there's one word that can never, ever be applied to an Avenged video and that's boring! Their videos always thrill and the band members tend to take active roles in the clips, demonstrating some impressive acting chops.

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    'Almost Easy'

    Directed by: P.R. Brown

    Fire! Mohawks! Performance footage. The 'Almost Easy' video makes it feel like the Avenged boys are trapped in a video game, playing for their lives and in order to avoid extinction and escape threats. The video is apocalyptic and suggests that the end is near, so why not rock the hell out? It's comprised mostly performance footage and features a herd of people, walking like sheep, being led to the flames. But it's the band who truly ignite in this clip.

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    'Unholy Confessions'

    Directed by: Greg Kaplan

    'Unholy Confessions' is one of Avenged Sevenfold's earliest (and best) songs and it captures the band as they were beginning their upward ascent in heavy metal. Live footage of fans screaming lyrics back to the band from their spots in the crowd factor heavily in this clip. We witness fans getting tattoos of the deathbat; getting ready to see the band live; practicing Avenged Sevenfold riffs in their bedrooms; proudly pointing to their bedroom wall posters; and more. This was the beginning, and it's raw, honest and real. It spotlights the depth of the relationship between the band and those who follow them.

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    'Hail to the King'

    Directed by: Syndrome

    M. Shadows and co. keep things simple and basic with the video for the title track to their 'Hail to the King' album. It's all killer, no filler and is largely black and white, allowing the song to take center stage and be the focus. With a band like Avenged Sevenfold, watching them perform and do their thing is just as stimulating as any plot-driven or highly visual clip. There are images of warriors and despots thrown into the mix, though, and that's why it's one of the best Avenged Sevenfold videos.

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    'Dear God'

    Directed by: Rafa Alcantara

    The 'Dear God' song and video are the band's equivalent Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters,' a thoughtful and acoustic rumination about life on the road. Shots of gear, roadies, photos opps with fans and post-performance come downs illustrate what it's like to be a successful touring musician. Those are juxtaposed with performance clips that demonstrate the opposite side of that life. It gives a face to the pain musicians feel when leaving those they love behind in order pursue their OTHER love -- music.

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    Directed by: Wayne Isham

    'Afterlife' isn't the most visually thrilling or complicated Avenged Sevenfold video. In fact, it boasts the band playing in a warehouse with minimal narrative. That's a pretty common scenario for metal bands. However, what makes this one of the best Avenged Sevenfold videos is the fact that it's tightly shot and highly stylized. The band has a uniform, cohesive look and you can fully witness it with this video. Plus, we like seeing guitarist Zacky Vengeance dance with a Marilyn Monroe-like babe in flashbacks. Got arachnophobia? You might want to shield your eyes.

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    'A Little Piece of Heaven'

    Directed by: Rafa Alcantara

    It's the book of Avenged Sevenfold -- in video form. 'A Little Piece of Heaven' lends itself to a graphic novel retelling, thanks to its upbeat tempo. The video pays homage to Tim Burton films with its visuals and sense of humor. There are skeletons playing instruments and the male half of a relationship eating his beloved's heart. All those striking things combined make 'A Little Piece of Heaven' one of the 10 best Avenged Sevenfold videos.

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    'Beast and the Harlot'

    Directed by: Tony Petrossian

    Avenged Sevenfold were on their way to becoming one of the biggest bands in rock when they went big with the 'Beast and the Harlot' video. It's fast, frenetic and full of busty babes. It's got a vampy, gothic tone yet it's the anti-'Twilight.' It marked a change in their image -- gold grills, red eye shadow-- but they were taking things up a notch. It's all about the good times even if it requires selling your soul to the devil. See the contract! Watch the clip.

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    'Bat Country'

    Directed by: Marc Klasfeld

    Fast cars, hot chicks getting it on in a bed with the boys and a muscle car (convertible) with bat wings? Sign us up! The 'Bat Country' video is full of hedonism and populated by the type of characters you encounter on a road trip. The general sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle is celebrated and this video captures the band during its super dangerous phase.

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    Directed by: Wayne Isham

    'Nightmare' is one of the 10 best Avenged Sevenfold videos because it's a creepy mini-movie that takes place in a medical facility ... actually, an asylum. Straitjackets and restraints are the wardrobe order of the day. Frontman M. Shadows finds himself strapped to a gurney, with Zacky Vengeance curled up in a hallway and waltzing with a skeleton. Overall, it's your nightmare come to life and it's a psychological thriller. There's a lot going on and it's highly creeptacular and entertaining. So grab some popcorn and be glad it's not you in that institution!

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    'Seize the Day'

    Directed by: Wayne Isham

    It's only fitting that the video 'Seize the Day,' a song about sucking the marrow out of life, is accompanied by a contemplative and tragic video. M. Shadows portrays an inmate pondering how he got to where he is. In flashback, we find out that he knocked over a convenience store when he had a kid on the way. Ultimately, you'll be struck by the fact that Shadows is a genuinely gifted actor. The harsh reality -- the naked body search, the head-shaving, the accident -- of the footage make this video hit home. It leaves a mark and is unforgettable and that's why it's the best Avenged Sevenfold video.

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