We always knew Batman was metal. You can't wear that much black and kick that much ass without an appreciation for the world's heaviest music. In this hilarious video, Batman fronts Gotham City's most brutal band, Children of Batman, which may or may not have stolen their logo from Children of Bodom.

Batman's group consists of a pretty solid lineup. While Batman handles vocals, 'the Boy Wonder' Robin mans the drum throne. The band also boasts Red Hood on bass and Nightwing on guitar.

In the ArhyBES-created clip, the masked musicians of the 'BATMETAL' video play along to 'Face Fisted' by fellow cartoon metallers Dethklok. As Batman sings extremely fitting lyrics such as "I'm making time for fighting / I'm clearing time for hitting / We'll meet and I will beat you / Our schedules permitting," this very metal Batman beats the hell out of everyone in sight.

Basically every superhero is featured in the video at one point, as is a strong number of famous Batman villains. Even better, Batman manages to organize an apparent gang bang with Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and more female comic book characters you've ever caught yourself being far too attracted to.

Check out Batman embracing his metal side in the animated clip above!

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