Boston's Bang Camaro have defied industry standards and typical band conventions by initially operating without a manager, a label or even a firm vocalist. Featuring guitarists Alex Necochea and Bryn Bennett, bassist Dave 'Doz' Riley and drummer Peter McCarthy, as well as a rotating choir of vocalists that would help them achieve that "huge" gang vocal sound amid their 1980s-influenced guitar shred, Bang Camaro attracted video game developers working on 'Guitar Hero 2.' And the rest, they say, is history.

The band's latest, "Bang Camaro II,' was released earlier this year via Black Sword Records and its music has been featured prominently in the gaming world, appearing in 'Rock Band,' 'Rock Band 2,' 'Titan Quest' and 'Phase.' The new song "Revolution" will be one of the featured tracks in the upcoming video game 'The SIMS 3,' which is due out in June. It's also part of a free MP3 promotion with Electronic Arts when people pre-order the video game.

Noisecreep has the exclusive online video premiere. Guitarist Bryn Bennett told Noisecreep, "When we started talking about making a video for 'Revolution,' we wanted to go a little old school and capture what the band does live. We got in touch with Rob McLain, who has been working on a Bang Camaro documentary, and told him that we wanted to make a video along the lines of Motley Crue's 'Wild Side.'" McLain brought a five-person camera crew to a Bang Camaro show in Foxboro, Massachusetts and filmed. Bennett comments, "I think it does a great job showing what Bang Camaro is all about. We are really excited to have this song included in The SIMS 3. Hopefully it will help inspire some SIMS players to act a little deviant while they play."

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