Earlier this year, alt-electronica group Awaken the Empire released their debut EP, 'The Awakening.' The band funded the project on their own, but since then, they've signed with Burn the Records!, an indie label.

Shortly after inking the deal, Awaken the Empire entered the studio with producer Erik Ron (Get Scared, Versa Emerge) to work on a proper full-length album.

The Los Angeles-based outfit recently shot a video for the track 'The Awakening' with director Chad Michael Ward (Aiden, Combichrist) and Noisecreep has the exclusive premiere for you today.

Watch Awaken the Empire's 'The Awakening' Video
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"We love hiding cryptic messages in everything we do and 'The Awakening' video is no exception. There are so many little secret messages hidden throughout the entire four and a half minutes," the band told Noisecreep in a statement.

"Collaborating with Chad on the video was such an amazing experience. Being fans of his past work, we knew that our visual aesthetic would complement each other, but we were totally blown away by his ability to perfectly capture the vibe of the song."

Awaken the Empire consists of Damien Lawson (vocals, guitar, programming), Jaymz Marcc (bass), Daryl Falconer (drums), and Shivan (guitar).

Download Awaken the Empire's EP