Artist: Aviyn

From: Hominy, Okla.

Video: "Merry Go Round"

Album: Aviyn

RIYL: Killswitch Engage, Unearth, All That Remains

About the video:

"We wanted to depict how people get stuck in the same relationships over and over. You finish one bad abusive relationship only to end up in another again the next time. This idea was portrayed within three different dream sequences. Three different women wake up finding themselves in the presence of a 'killer.' The only way to escape the situation is to find their way back to their bed again and fall asleep. The 'killer' represents that abusive boyfriend so many women find themselves with, the one they hate to be with but can't get away from. Many people seem to find themselves in the same cycle, a 'Merry Go Round,' if you will.

"We were lucky enough to find Brett Baggett with BBMedia and he really brought our vision of the song to life." - Aviyn guitarist Richie Perrin

Watch 'Merry Go Round' Video

Aviyn is available now on Amazon and iTunes. For information on the band, head over to their official Facebook page.