August Burns Red

Pennsylvania barn burners -- somewhat literally speaking, since they practice in a barn in their native Lancaster -- August Burns Red will be recording and filming a live performance at hometown venue Warehouse 54 on June 4. Longtime label Solid State Records will release the CD/DVD later this year.

"We thought it'd be cool to do something big like this in our own backyards instead of in the big city, although Lancaster really isn't that big," guitarist JB Brubaker told Noisecreep. "The goal is to capture our five years of touring and playing experience into one night in a big gymnasium for everyone's viewing pleasure."

Of course, since the band is recording and filming the show, Brubaker has Murphy's Law-like expectations of the performance. "This will probably be the show that Matt drops five drum sticks, Jake chips his teeth on the microphone, I slip and fall on a water puddle on stage and Brent and Dustin smash their heads together while headbanging and knock each other out," Brubaker said. "Really though, it should be pretty awesome. We're planning on playing the longest set we've ever played and pulling out some songs we haven't done in quite some time."

As for set list surprises? We're out of luck, as Brubaker wouldn't reveal too much. But he did give us a few teaser details. "We definitely want to record our live version of 'The Seventh Trumpet,' since we do the ending a lot differently live than on record. Expect a bunch of songs off of all three of our full-lengths. Do not expect our Britney Spears cover."

Aw shucks. We were hoping for a little 'Oops ... I Did it Again' action. Even if you're not Pennsylvania-based, Brubaker encourages all ABR fans to make the trek out to Amish country.

ABR's 'Constellations' is out now.

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