August Burns Red guitarist JB Brubaker is a diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan who is hoping to see his team, which features one of the best rotations in baseball history, return to the World Series this year.

"The Phillies are off to a hot start despite their offense slumping as a whole," Brubaker told Noisecreep. Despite some offensive slowness, the guitarist has not resorted to hanging out on the ledge... yet. "I believe if they win two of their next four games they will tie the franchise record for most wins in the month of April, which is 17," he said. "I certainly can't complain about that. Thank goodness we have such stellar pitching."

Brubaker is optimistic about what lies ahead in May. "I feel if the Phils can score four runs a game, they will win 80% of those contests," he said. "My hopes are high and I think I speak for all of Philadelphia when I say anything less than a World Series Championship is going to be a disappointment."

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