Attack Attack! are having a little problem on this year's Warped Tour. The Columbus, Ohio band is having difficulty gaining respect from other, more established acts.

"It is super upbeat for us, though," drummer Andrew Wetzel told Noisecreep. "I can imagine there are probably some bands that aren't having as good a time as we are. We take it as a blessing that we're even on the tour. We really don't care.

"We get messed with a lot. We get put through a lot of stuff on the tour because we're one of the smallest bands on it. There's a lot of speculation about how well we're going to do. We really don't care. We're just happy to be on the tour and we're happy to be able to be out and playing music and doing what we love."


Wetzel said the problem lies within the fact that Attack Attack! have only been on the road since September.

"We've kind of made some noise, though," Wetzel said. "We have a reputation that precedes us. Other bands say, 'We'll see what happens with that.' It's just hard to gain respect from older bands."

Nevertheless, Wetzel said his band has seen crowds grow as the Warped Tour travels on this summer.

"We have a pretty good sized market in California," Wetzel said. "We were looking at anywhere from 800 to 1,800 kids a day. By the time we got to Chicago, we were playing for 4,000 to 5,000 kids a day. It's pretty incredible. That's for sure."

Recently, Attack Attack! have been working on bolstering that fan base with the release of a live video for 'Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3.' It was filmed at Pontiac, Mich.'s Crofoot Ballroom during the Escape the Fate tour.

"We picked Pontiac because our vocalist Nick [Barham] is from that area," said Wetzel, whose band recently began writing a new album. "Detroit's another one of those cities that we do really well in. They have a really big scene of younger kids that are into our style of music. The video company we shot with they're from Columbus and Chicago areas. It was one of the easiest places for them to get to. We knew it was going to be really good. We knew the venue was going to be sweet. We just kind of figured that would be one of the best places to shoot."