Originally formed in 1984, Assassin quickly became one of Europe's hottest thrash exports. After two popular demos made their way through the tape trader circuit, the band released their debut album, 1986's 'The Upcoming Terror.' Their sophomore album, 1988's 'Interstellar Experience,' garnered great reviews. However, just as momentum for Assassin was building, the group's equipment was stolen. Deflated, the band broke up.

Now reformed, Assassin are committed to build on the promise of their early career. Noisecreep has partnered with the German combo to premiere 'I Like Cola,' a song from their upcoming 'Break the Silence' album.

Listen to 'I Like Cola'

Assassin guitarist Michael Hoffman recently told Noisecreep why he wanted include 'I Like Cola' on their new album. "This song is originally from the Japanese band OUTO. I remember when it came out as a demo tape under the name 'Antichrist.' We listened to it again and again and again."

Produced by Harris Johns (Voivod, Immolation), the song is a go-to crowd-pleaser when Assassin play in the land of the rising sun. "When we played shows in Japan we thought it would be a good idea to include it in the set, and it finally made it onto this album. We meant it as a tribute to the Japanese metal scene," Hoffman proudly exclaimed.

'Break the Silence' will be in stores on 3/29 via SPV/Steamhammer Records.