Bretgate 2009 rages on. You'd think getting smacked in the face with a stage prop and dropped like a bad habit was the worst thing that's ever happened to Bret Michaels (after Taya Parker, of course), but let's face it: Bret hasn't had this much press since the late 80s. But it looks like Bret's going to milk this thing for as long as he can. We'll be bringing you the latest on Michael's mashed face, along with album updates, reunion tour news, and a warning for unsigned bands from two of metal's most important labels. It's White Noise, keeping you in the know.

+ We've all seen the video of Poison frontman Bret Michaels taking a downward stage prop to the schnauzer. Now, see the pictures of his broken face. Images surfaced online late last night, showing a gash across his nose and his pummeled lip. Michaels sustained a nose fracture during the incident, which took place Sunday during the Tony Awards, and received three stitches in his lip. Michaels also underwent a CAT scan this week, because years ago, he suffered an accidental neck injury. We're all still waiting on Bret to make an official statement on the matter, and that's expected to surface before week's end. Let's hope that next week, Bret files a lawsuit (you know its going to happen), and pipes down about this entire ordeal.

+ Mastodon are awesome. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks otherwise. But Mastodon-themed shoes? Now that's beyond awesome. This fall, Vans is releasing a new line of Mastodon kicks, and we'll be first in line to grab a pair. The shows will feature Paul Romano's artwork from the band's 'Blood Mountain.'

+ We were overjoyed when we found out Faith No More would be reuniting this year, and that they'd be touring. Then, we were bummed when the dudes didn't book a single show in the U.S. And now, we're even more bummed, having seen the epic (no pun intended) set list from the band's first reunion show Wednesday night in London. The band opened with a cover of Peaches and Herbs' "Reunited," and then played familiar tunes like "From Out Of Nowhere," "Land Of Sunshine," "Last Cup Of Sorrow," "Midlife Crisis," "Be Aggressive," and more. FNM played 24 songs in all, but dudes: what's up with not playing "Ashes to Ashes?"

+ They're not metal, but metalheads dig Chevelle, who have set a September 8 release date for their fifth studio set, 'Sci-Fi Crimes.' Look for the album's first single, 'Jars,' to start getting rock radio play later this month.

+ HIM will return next year with their latest album, 'Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice.' A February 2010 release is reportedly in the works, and the band plans to record the effort in August under the watchful eye of producer Matt Squire.

+ If you're in an unsigned band, be wary of people who may approach you, claiming they're from Nuclear Blast or Metal Blade Records. According to a press release from the record labels, "there's been a rash of imposters in several states claiming" they could get bands studio time, and even huge tour bookings. "Some try to extort money from bands by claiming they need it to place a deposit on whatever it is they're promising. Others want free entry into a show, free CDs and band merchandise, or backstage access. Whatever the case, what's clear is that these imposters have such low-self esteem that they're willing to lie about who they are." Consider yourself warned.

+ Asphyx will release its latest album 'Death...The Brutal Way' in the states on September 1, through Ibex Moon. More on that can be found here.