Art of Dying's Jonny Hetherington is the quintessential hard rock frontman. On the band's new single, 'Die Trying,' he sings, "I wish I knew then what I know now / but I'd probably do the same." That's exactly the kind of attitude Noisecreep likes in our music, so we recently called up Hetherington to ask him about the lyric. "That line sums up a lot for me," Hetherington said. "There's definitely a little smile behind it when I'm singing it. It's kind of like -- will I ever learn? Of course the answer is, not a chance [laughs]."

Noisecreep is pleased to bring you the exclusive world premiere of the video for 'Die Trying.' As you'll see, the Art of Dying's aural and visual assault is just as intense as Hetherington's lyrics.

"The great thing about this video is it's just us doing what we do," explained Hetherington. "If the camera wasn't there, we'd be doing the exact same thing. So it just feels real to me, and that's what's most important."

Watch the video for 'Die Trying'


'Vices and Virtues,' Art of Dying's new album, hits stores this week and will not disappoint fans of bands like Hinder and Shinedown. Produced by Howard Benson (Papa Roach, Three Doors Down), the album is the band's first for Intoxication Records, the label owned by Disturbed's David Draiman and Dan Donegan.

"In years of searching for a band to begin the saga at Intoxication Records, we finally found the fiercely talented boys of Art Of Dying; delivering uncompromising, harmony-filled anthemic rock moments, fused with the right amount of attitude. They won over our fans time and time again, and we are betting that they will win over the world," said Draiman in a recent official press release.

'Vices and Virtues' is out now via Intoxicated Records/Reprise. Check out the AOL Listening Party and head over to iTuneswhere 'Die Trying' is currently their free Single of the Week!