One of our favorite monikered bands - Arsonists Get All the Girls - will be making plenty of noise and blazing a trail this summer on their first tour of the mighty US in nearly nine months. The band could have carried a fetus to full term in that span, so we're glad to see 'em back and raising a ruckus! The two-month tour is a marathon of epic proportions. Eyeball the tour dates and you'll see that the band is playing a show every single night without a day off. See You Next Tuesday - get it?!? - will support AGATG, with Knives Exchanging Hands, Attila and Terra Firma rounding out the bill.

AGATG drummer and founding member Garin Rosen told Noisecreep, "It's been over nine months since we have toured the states and honestly, we can't be more stoked on getting out to the places we know our fans will sing along to every word and bang their heads with us!" As for how the band will survive the hot, humid months of July and August traipsing across the country? Rosen and the band are not nonplussed about the situation, with the drummer saying, "Having no days off is exactly the way we like it in the AGATG camp. This way it gives us no time to get on each other's nerves and to become a well-oiled killing machine. Plus, a day off means it's a day that we aren't getting paid or a day where we don't get to eat, so I would rather play every single day and rock people's socks off."

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