Are As I Lay Dying up to something new? For the first time in a year, the As I Lay Dying Twitter and Facebook accounts posted a message, simply writing, “Activity.”

As I Lay Dying fell apart after vocalist Tim Lambesis was arrested for attempting to have his estranged wife killed in 2013. The “hitman” whom Lambesis hired turned out to be an undercover cop, leading to the frontman being arrested and eventually sentenced to six years in prison. To the shock of many, Lambesis was quietly released in December 2016, serving just two and a half years of his sentence. Lambesis was set to marry his girlfriend Amanda Dubord in April.

Lambesis’ AILD bandmates kept busy during his trial and incarceration by forming Wovenwar. The band has released two full-length albums, Wovenwar and Honor is Head, via Metal Blade Records. Wovenwar haven’t performed live since Lambesis was released from prison.

Since Lambesis’ arrest, the AILD Twitter was active only one day a year — Father’s Day. For the holiday in 2014, 2015 and 2016, the account tweeted “Happy Father’s Day” and that trend didn’t stop in 2017. Early this morning (June 19), about an hour after Father’s Day ended, As I Lay Dying blasted the same message on Twitter and Facebook, along with Tim Lambesis’ personal Facebook page:

Could As I Lay Dying be teasing something? Is it just Lambesis controlling the band's social media pages? We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, so stay tuned for any As I Lay Dying updates.

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