In the past, we've noted how much of a family affair rock and metal can be by the amount of siblings playing in the industry. But music can also have generational ties and with it being Father's Day, Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg and his dad, legendary Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg, have taped a new Guitar Center "Find Your Sound" spot.

As we've seen, the sticks didn't fall too far from the drumming tree for Jay, who has made a name for himself over the last decade or so. "I will take any opportunity I can get to see them play, to see him drum cause I always learn something," Jay says, referring to his father's well known group.

Meanwhile, Max beams over his son and how drumming bonds them. "It was always fun for me as a father to be loading up a car or a van and taking him to his own recording session. That's something my father did and that's something that brought us even closer together and it's continued to this day," says the elder Weinberg.

Father and son recorded the spot at the iconic Studio A of Avatar Studios in Manhattan (formerly known as the Power Station), where Max recorded drums for The River and Born in the U.S.A. albums. An extended piece with father and son will follow soon.

In a Rolling Stone interview earlier this year, Max said of his son Jay, “Jay is an unbelievable drummer. Two years in a row he’s been named the best metal drummer out there. They have very dedicated fans and their music is intense, and I like intense music. It’s complicated. I couldn’t do it. I’ve seen him up close and I don’t know how he does it. I had nothing to to do with it. He taught himself. He’ll be 27 this year and he’s just a killer drummer and a great kid.”

Meanwhile, the Weinberg's have a history with Guitar Center, having appeared together doing a drum jam at the 2010 Guitar Center Drum-Off. Watch footage of that below.

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