Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott is gearing up to release a proper solo album. While he has finally released two albums from his Armageddon project in the U.S. and Europe earlier this year, his 'official' solo album, 'Follow Your Heart' will be released under his moniker soon.

"It's not metal," Amott told Nosicreep of his solo endeavor. "It will be released worldwide. It's more of a rock 'n' roll effort. It's pretty psychedelic. It's '70s-stylle and it's me singing. I think it's very intricate and diverse. It's also bluesy and funky." Sounds like the solo album will show fans another side of Amott's diverse musical personality.

Amott also designed and painted the cover of the solo album himself. "I started doing it seriously in recent years," he said about his foray into a finer art. He doesn't take classes but admits that he does practice the art of painting when he can. "I did draw as a kid, but the I started playing guitar and that took over," he admits, which is something we hear often from professional musicians, how once they switched from a sport to an instrument, the instrument became the priority.

Amott continued, "I am going to keep painting and drawing. It will be big part of my life, after Arch Enemy." It's always smart to have something to fall back on -- and lucky for Amott, he has a creative outlet to fuel him.