The Night Flight Orchestra, the classic rock-style band featuring members of Sweden's Soilwork and Arch Enemy, have posted two new songs, '1998' and 'California Morning,' on their official Facebook and Myspace pages.

The band features vocalist Bjorn 'Speed' Strid (Soilwork) and guitarist David Andersson (Mean Streak, Soilwork session player). The two musicians formed the core of the group after touring the US together in 2007. The pair found common ground when discussing what is and what isn't considered classic rock. The new band's aim is to capture the '70s/early '80s sensibility of classic melody, timeless songs, and the subjects of cities, streets, and alcoholic beverages.

Rounding out the group are bassist Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy), keyboardist Richard Larsson (Von Bonzo), and drummer Jonas Källsbäck (Mean Streak). Song titles the band has issued include 'Tarot Woman,' 'Badlands,' 'Rhiannon,' 'Running On Empty,' 'Blind Man,' 'Night Moves,' 'Deuce,' 'Separate Ways,' 'Elected,' and 'Set Me Free.' The band is currently unsigned but will be recording its debut album this summer.

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