Whether it's rock or classical music, Apocalyptica are a group that defies categorization, as these Finnish cellists bring their own aesthetic into each genre they interpret. Their recent collaboration with choreographer Gregor Seyffert led to 'Wagner Reloaded,' an event held in Leipzig to honor composer Richard Wagner's 200th birthday. Fans who want to see the entire concert can check out the video above, and the band are also releasing a live CD in November.

Fans can pre-order an autographed album or an individual dedication of 'Apocalyptica & The MDR Symphony Orchestra Live in Leipzig' over at fan funding website Pledge Music. The site also added that additional special offers will also be announced. The 13-track disc drops Nov. 15, but to fully appreciate the project's scope, one must check out 'Wagner Reloaded.'

Watching the orchestra play a Wagner composition while a host of skull faced phantoms amble about a darkened stage is a memorable sight, and coupled with Apocalyptica's own musical bravado the concert is simply a must see. A melange of art, design, dance, theater and music have all merged into one to celebrate Wagner's epic vision, and the event's success has led to another presentation set for Sept. 27. If you're hanging in Germany this fall, you can purchase those Wagner Reloaded tickets here.

Apocalyptica's last studio effort was the 2010 album '7th Symphony,' which featured bang-up collaborations with Slayer's Dave Lombardo ('2010') and Bush's Gavin Rossdale ('End of Me'). The standout track on that album, at least for the songs that weren't instrumental, is their catchy rocker 'Not Strong Enough,' which featured Hoobastank's Doug Robb on lead vocals.