While the European market is viewed as the most metal-friendly geographical locale, Finnish symphonic metal band Apocalyptica admitted that the U.S. is one of their favorite markets to play, because the fans and the crowds are just so incredibly attentive.

Cellist Perttu Kivilaakso told Noisecreep that he loves to tour America because audiences "are giving 100 percent concentration, for the main thing, which is seeing us playing. It is a good feeling. People came to the show to see the band, and it looks like they are taking every single possible thing out of the venue. It's a cool performance and cool for us to see them so into it."

Apocalyptica's '7th Symphony' is out now. Apocalyptica, who shot to fame for their cello renditions of Metallica classics, will tour overseas in Europe -- but they expect to return to attentive American audiences soon.