"With an album title like 'World in Decline,' so many images come to mind," designer Daniel McBride told Noisecreep about Antagonist's new album on Prosthetic Records. "That was a problem for a while -- too many different ideas and approaches made things difficult to decide on. Sometimes you really have to look into a band's lyrics to feel what they are all about, more so than their sound or their vibe even."

The California metal band's cover could have gone a lot of different ways, and when an album is named as this one is, some of the imagery that could be used is a given. Thankfully, McBride took a more subtle route with his album art. He explained that "the title track of the album focuses on those hypocrites out there contributing to the downfall and contamination of what little goodness remains on the planet anymore. The cover, showing a confessional booth in the midst of what would be left after a complete depletion of a planet's resources and elements."

He continued, "The twist here is that the confessional booth represents all of us. No matter who is pointing fingers or being pointed at, we are all just as to blame and responsible as the next person for contributing to our decline."

McBride's band also toured with Antagonist, and he apparently couldn't pass up an opportunity to do work for fellow musicians and friends. "My band Last House on the Left did our funnest tour ever with them, so there was definitely some personal investment in the final product. I'd rather work for a band who I know are good dudes, who I love, than some random band of teenagers from across the country any day!"

Antagonist will be touring America in August and September to support 'World In Decline.'