What do you get when you merge riffologist Angus Young of AC/DC and Mongolian Emperor Genghis Khan? Why, a rock throwback like Angus Khan, of course!

"The sound of AK '09 is that of a time machine crashing into a black hole that previously hadn't existed," Angus Khan lead guitarist Screamin' Lord Duff told Noisecreep. "It's at once, post-punk and pre-metal, harkening back to a time when hard rock had to be discovered in concert halls, where the humidity-drenched air became all the thicker with the weight of herbal additives. Or you read about it in Creem or Circus. No MTV and no computer; news traveled by human network, a tribe of delinquents relying on word of mouth and the local record swap. Add the years past the prime of punk's first wave, when many of the practitioners started adding the elements of US Camaro madness to their post-hardcore brew: Black Flag energy combined with Aerosmith savvy and a Cheap Trick wink." Guitarist Frank "Sgt. Rock" Meyer spoke more in layman's terms when describing his band, saying "Our sound is classic hard rock mixed with dashes of punk, heavy metal and glam. It's a little AC/DC with a sprinkle of Motorhead and several doses of Van Halen, Kiss, Motley Crue and the Stooges, filtered through whiskey, beer and Harleys."

Now that's our kind music. As for their portmanteau name, we asked the band who would win in a battle? Young or Khan? Meyer predicted Young the shredder, saying "I'd pick Angus Young over Genghis Khan any day, because Angus rocks so hard and has written so many great riffs. Sure, Genghis killed thousands of people, and that's always an attractive trait, but Angus has killed millions...with ROCK!"

Bassist Dino Everett enjoys "the comedy and slapstick of Angus," who is known for mooning the crowd and also claims "he is quite good on guitar, but Genghis could kill him. I'd have to go with Genghis. I often think of the battle that might ensue between Angus and Genghis and I picture John Wayne from 'The Conqueror,' being that I am both rocker and film scholar, and of course, because I like my historical Mongolian raiders much like my rock, with humor embedded but unexpected." Drummer Andy Baker had a hard time choosing, saying, "for starters, I've never met either of the men and nor do I play guitar or swing a sword but I absolutely love the way they both dress. I'm torn between their keen senses of style."

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