We were shocked last week after learning Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson has been battling cancer. Thus, it feels only right to pay tribute to the metal legend in this week's Loud List, which we've dubbed 10 Amazing Bruce Dickinson Onstage Moments.

As of Feb. 19, Dickinson had undergone a seven-week treatment for a cancerous tumor found on the back of his tongue. Luckily, the tumor was caught early and Bruce is expected to make a full recovery. Iron Maiden have asked that fans respect Dickinson's privacy during this time, promising a new update in May.

Iron Maiden's iconic singer has a million unbelievable onstage moments, but we've managed to choose 10 of our favorites. You'll witness some of Bruce's most mesmerizing high notes in performances of 'Wrathchild' and 'The Talisman,' while the singer's dynamic energy and soaring force is captured in live versions of 'Aces High' and 'Hallowed Be Thy Name.'

Some funnier moments are featured, like when Iron Maiden experienced a power failure during a performance of 'Powerslave.' You'll also see Bruce "calling his mum" onstage and apologizing for not getting a proper job.

See all these unforgettable moments and more in the video list of 10 Amazing Bruce Dickinson Onstage Moments above. Also, be sure to check out more Loud Lists below!

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