All Shall Perish shredder Francesco Artusato is going the solo route. The axe attacker will release 'Chaos and the Primordial,' a 10-track instrumental album, on June 28th via Sumerian Records. The record will be issued under The Francesco Artusato Project moniker. Artusato handled all of the album's arrangements and instrumentation, and looked deep within his personal archive for the material that morphed into the album.

"I started experimenting writing guitar solo music during the time I had my band Hiss of Atrocities, which had been created years ago with college mates from Berklee [College of Music]," the Italian-born Artusato recently told Noisecreep. "It all started just for fun and to explore my own writing and solo creating. Basically, I kept writing and it came to the point that I actually had enough material for a whole album. So, I decided to record and rearrange every single idea I had to create a musical unity that would make sense as a whole for the album concept I had in mind. I wanted to push this musical vision of trying to arrange for multiple guitars, not just thinking about a single voice the whole time, but instead visioning a lot of musical textures that would work really well together."

Artusato has had the pleasure of working both with the confines of a band and as a solo artist, and enjoys both methods for different reasons. "My favorite thing about working solo is that I basically have nobody that is telling me what I 'should do' next," Artusato said. "Complete freedom of musical expression, too. I don't have to think about making other people happy. It helps me push my own boundaries, experimenting without limitations rather than working in a more controlled environment."

On the flip side, Artusato's favorite thing about being in a band is the implicit communal nature. "I get to share ideas and musical thoughts with musicians that I admire and vice versa," he said. "Sometimes it's also good to not have to put all the musical responsibilities on your own shoulders. It allows me to collaborate on music that I would not have envisioned the same way if I was working by myself. This of course only works if you are working with quality musicians. Otherwise, it can become a big headache."

Artusato, who played saxophone until he was 14 and picked up the guitar at the age of 19, left his native Italy because the country's musical scene did not inspire him. "One of the reasons why I left Italy in the first place was the lack of music scene that suited or inspired me," he admitted. "It's a music scene that mostly supports touring bands that come from the more hyped countries. It's almost impossible to express yourself musically, when there are just a handful of people that believe in pushing for original music, especially in the 'metal scene.'"

Fans can catch Artusato on the road all summer, performing with All Shall Perish on the Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. He will also be promoting 'Chaos and the Primordial' while on the tour. "I wish I could take my wife with me on that tour," Artusato said. "That would be very cool. But instead, I might just bring with me one of my new Ibanez guitars... a very unique one!"

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