When MMA fighter Josh Barnett heard about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan in March, the fighter decided to do his part by gathering his favorite metal bands to perform at The Sun Forever Rising: A Benefit For Japan. The show featured headliners All Shall Perish and was held on Thursday, May 26th at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

Barnett personally selected six diverse metal bands from across California to create an eclectic yet powerful bill. The fighter was spotted in various capacities throughout the evening, alternating between emceeing the event and diving into the mosh pit.

Show openers Thrown Into Exile and Internal Corrosion are two unsigned LA based metal bands that were hand-picked by Barnett. Thrown Into Exile laid down groove-heavy riffs with youthful energy, while Internal Corrosion stuck to old school thrash metal with plenty of harmonized guitar solos.

Later, Abysmal Dawn hit the stage and immediately took charge with their highly technical and commanding death metal attack. Frontman Charles Elliott kept the crowd moving, not allowing a single dull moment throughout their brief set.

Cattle Decapitation blasted through a tasty set of deathgrind that only they could perform. Frontman Travis Neal's guttural vocals and guitarist Josh Elmore's wailing guitars worked against each other while the crowd worked up a sweat in the pit.

Jerry Nicholl
Jerry Nicholl

Animals As Leaders have already made a name for themselves with a unique jam-oriented style that gets filtered through progressive fusion rock and metal music. While guitarist Tosin Abasi is the mastermind behind the group, he graciously stepped back to give guitarist Javier Reyes and drummer Navene Koperweis their moments in the spotlight as well.

The evening's headliners, All Shall Perish, admirably sustained the show's considerable momentum. Frontman Eddie Hermida kept the crowd entertained and involved while the guitar team of Ben Orum and Francesco Artusato worked like a well-oiled machine.

Watch All Shall Perish's 'Eradication' video

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