Hip-hop head and metal reactor Alex Hefner has accepted Loudwire’s extreme metal reaction challenge. The YouTuber put on his headphones to check out some of the most intense bands on the planet, including Gorgoroth and the Dillinger Escape Plan.

We “called out” Hefner with a cheesy ‘80s wrestling promo, calling him a poser and riling up his fanbase. We also sent him four extreme metal gigs to watch, testing just how far his newfound metal fandom could stretch.

Hefner had plenty of positive things to say about extreme metal throughout the video, which begins with “The Dead Hate the Living” by Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult. He particularly liked the band’s drummer, who’s more of a machine gun than a human.

If you’re a Dillinger Escape Plan fan, you know that their performance of “The Mullet Burden” from Hellfest 2003 is essential viewing. Hefner freaked for the band and their wild antics, “I don’t know where they harbor that energy from. That was fucking nuts. It’s a huge culmination of sensory overload with the idea of liking to be entertained.”

Finally, Hefner watched God Seed’s (Gorgoroth) performance of “Prosperity and Beauty” from Wacken 2008. The reactor got a kick out of the band’s use of fire, blood and nude crucified models while banging his head to the black metal act.

“I really like that, I enjoyed that,” Hefner says. “Extreme metal is interesting, because I think it’s this huge theatrical entertainment. I think that it’s the thrill of it, it’s like a rollercoaster, it’s like a ride, it’s like a horror movie. It’s the adrenaline rush, it’s the experience, the thrill of the matter.”

Thanks again to Alex Hefner for collaborating with us! Check out Alex's extreme metal reaction clip below and be sure to subscribe to his channel for more metal reaction videos.

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