Exodus / Slayer guitarist and master of the hot take, Gary Holt, has posted a highly entertaining rant on Tekashi 6ix9ine, calling him a “rainbow brite asshole” and a “piece of shit” for attempting to serve his two years confinement at home.

Tekashi 6ix9ine became public enemy No. 1 in the world of hip-hop after copping a plea deal during his trial for firearms and racketeering charges. Originally facing a possible 37 years behind bars, 6ix9ine made a deal with prosecutors, exchanging information on the Nine Trey Gang for a reduced sentence.

The rapper was eventually sentenced to two years in prison, but he’s now petitioning for house arrest, which hasn’t sat well with Gary Holt:

So this little rainbow brite asshole, this piece of shit, this SNITCH, wants out fo jail because it’s dangerous. Wants to serve his time at home. Because the jail is full of the same gangbangers who he snitched on to avoid real jail time. Hey know what dude? Fuck you. Watch your back punk, and be careful when you walk into dark hallways! For fucks sake, why do we help make guys like this money? By we I don’t mean me, or virtually anyone reading this!

Holt recently completed his final show on Slayer’s farewell tour, laying down the iconic riffs of Jeff Hanneman for the last time on Nov. 30. The thrash legend will now focus his attention back to Exodus, who recently announced a festival show for the fall.

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