Alesana recently released 'A Place Where the Sun Is Silent,' a sonic interpretation of the 14th century poem 'Dante's Inferno.' The album is a dramatic account of one man's decent into hell, retold utilizing the group's striking mixture of thunderous aggression and heartfelt melody. Noisecreep spoke with guitarist-vocalist Shawn Milke about the new album just before the band headed out on Motel 6's Rock Yourself to Sleep tour, where they're joined by A Skylit Drive, Sleeping With Sirens, Attila and Memphis May Fire.

Noisecreep followed up recently with Milke in Los Angeles, just before one of the band's typically wild and energetic shows to see how the tour is going and how fans are reacting to the powerful new album.

Shawn, last time we spoke, we discussed the fact that the band is big on concept albums--first Greek mythology, then fairy tales, then Edgar Allan Poe, and now 'Dante's Inferno.' How have fans reacted?

Amazingly well. The kids know most of the words already, and what I like the most about that is it shows how excited they are about. To sit down and learn all the words so quickly as so many of them are doing is really a positive thing for us - we love how they just run with what we do.

Listen to 'The Temptress' From Alesana

With the sort of overarching themes you incorporate, there's some education going on here, too, huh?

Absolutely. I talk to kids every night that go back and read the pieces that originally inspired so much of our music. Like, I signed an Edgar Allan Poe collection the other night! And now, many of them are telling me that they are running out to read 'Dante's Inferno.' That's a very cool result of our music.

Charles Epting
Charles Epting

Are you and the band having fun playing the new stuff?

It's been a lot of fun so far. Out material is sort of crazy so it's always fun, but the new stuff is feeling really good. We've got a good amount of it in the set, and if things are going we'll usually toss an extra new one in as an encore.

What's next for Alesana after this tour wraps?

Home for the holidays to catch out breath - and then on to the UK.

Motel 6's Rock Yourself to Sleep: The Tour:

11/07/11 Tucson, AZ. Rialto Theatre

11/08/11 Albuquerque, NM. Sunshine Theater

11/09/11 El Paso TX. Club 101

11/10/11 Dallas TX. The Door

11/11/11 Houston TX. Warehouse

11/12/11 San Antonio TX, White Rabbit

11/13/11 New Orleans, LA. House Of Blues

11/14/11 Birmingham. AL. Zydeco

11/16/11 St. Petersburg FL. State Theatre

11/17/11Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Revolution

11/18/11 Orlando, FL. The Club at Firestone

11/19/11 Atlanta, GA. The Masquerade

11/20/11 Raleigh, NC. Lincoln Theatre

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